Okay, But I hit a NightFury
Friendly reminder…


The very first thing we see Stoick do in HTTYD is protect Hiccup from a dragon blast…the very last thing we see Stoick do in HTTYD 2 is protect hiccup from a dragon blast…

I’ll see you guys in a month or so!!

Hey…heh so um…

Im not going to have access to tumblr because i’m leaving on vacation

for…for a month.

So, im going on a month long break starting tomorrow!! I’ll probably log in for a bit tomorrow but im leaving after that.

Take care!!


Are you mad at me ,milady ?


Are you mad at me ,milady ?


DreamWorks Press: Dragons storytelling app is available on iTunes today! The art is lovely.


Come here you …


Come here you …


cinematic excellence 

i’ve been subconsciously humming the how to train your dragon 2 soundtrack constantly and I can’t seem to stop.


Where No One Goes — Piano Cover

No family home = no background noise so I took advantage.

Sheet music: http://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/38925b4d0f5d8726ead0938a0064bf2367253938

That was so cool!!!! It sounds amazing!